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Flanders Tapestries – A Historical Touch to Your Interior Decor Schemes

Who doesn’t love to decorate their houses? Well, everybody does. Decorating our space with the right decor pieces and essentials…

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Large Woven Tapestry – A must have modern Home Decor Item.

Pillows are much more than just an accessory to sleep on. They are essential to make the place look more…

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Adorn Your Walls with Tapestry Wall Hanging Made In Belgium

Interior decor is unique to each individual. One of many reasons for this is that people like to pick home…

Wine and feast tapestry
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Embellish Walls with Wine and Feast Tapestries

Tapestry wall hangings elevate the look of the walls. These designer hand-woven pieces can add life to any space. The…

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The Wall Renaissance- Thoughtful Wall Decor Ideas

Some people believe that each wall tells a story. This is why they never leave them plain. Bare walls are…

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Refresh Your Space with Landscape Tapestries

The possibilities to make your home feel like a hotel and to amp up your walls and bring out your…

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Hot Tip: This is the Right Tapestry for You!

You’ve got your mind made up, and you know that a wall tapestry will be just the thing for that…

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How to Correctly Hang a Tapestry

How to Hang Your Tapestry with Rods and Finials How wonderful! You’ve bought a beautiful tapestry for your wall. It’s…

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How Do I Hang A Wall Tapestry?

It seems everyone today is interested in wall tapestries. These beautiful works of art can raise the bar in terms…

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What Is A Flanders Tapestry and Why Are They So Good?

A Flanders tapestry (or a Belgium Tapestry) refers to a tapestry that was made during the high point of tapestry…