Portiere tapestry
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Lovely Ideas to Use Portiere Tapestries

Portiere are doorway drapes or curtains placed over a door or the door-less entrance to any room. These Woven tapestries…

Chenille tapestry
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Chenille Tapestries – A Modern Wall Art

Tapestries have always been an understated addition to any living space. When talking about wall decoration accessories, one should know…

nautical tapestry
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Nautical Tapestries – Ships, Maps and Chart Tapestry Arts for Home

Nautical Tapestries got their origin from France, Italy, and Belgium. As the name says, nautical tapestry displays with imagery about…

religious tapestry
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Intriguing Religious Tapestries for Any Home

Religious tapestries make an inspiring addition to any home. These imageries usually depict motifs Christianity and make a lovely aesthetical…