Chenille Tapestries – A Modern Wall Art

Chenille tapestry

Tapestries have always been an understated addition to any living space. When talking about wall decoration accessories, one should know the difference between a tapestry and wall painting. In the modern era, tapestries are often considered as modern wall art that beautifully graces any gloomy and dull room. Tapestry is a modern textile art form that is combined with classic aesthetics. It is a beautiful piece of thick textile fabric on which designs are created by an exquisite weaving or embroidery pattern. Traditionally woven by hand on a loom, the tapestries are crafted by weaving both warp and weft threads. These threads are weaved in a way that results in the creation of a unique design or pattern. Both these warp and weft threads can be chosen from a selective range of material like wool, cotton, silk and more. A wide range of tapestries is trending these days like European tapestries, Belgian tapestries, French tapestries, Contemporary tapestries, medieval tapestries and more.

Chenille tapestry is another type of tapestry that has been very popular these days. This tapestry is crafted using the best quality chenille material. Chenille is a fine quality material that is soft to touch. It has a luxurious appeal and exudes visual richness. Chenille is often used for creating tapestries, rugs, throws and other wall decor. With its beauty and sheen, chenille creates stunning masterpieces. It has a smooth texture and excellent finish.

Chenille Tapestries for wall decoration

Break the monotony of any wall by adding the exquisite chenille tapestry. These tapestries are made by blending multiple bright and vibrant colors. Besides, various color schemes with different shades and tones are used. A blend of various fabrics is used in making of the chenille tapestry. Contemporary touch and design of chenille tapestry create a unique look. Chenille tapestries have an imaginative look and brilliant conceptualization of design. Chenille wall hangings add beauty and elegance to any home. Various themes and patterns are depicted through the chenille tapestries. Either they can be used as wall hanging or modern wall art. They represent themes of urns, castles, coat of arms, flowers, blazon unicorn, birds of paradise, boaters and more.

About Save on Tapestries 

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