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Guest Video: Jacquard Loom Walkthrough

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Smaller Floral Tapestries: Not Just For Grandma Anymore!

Smaller Floral tapestries are usually easy to find new, as well as in used furniture stores. So if you have…

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Enjoying Wall Tapestry Art in your Home

When most people think about “decorating”, they think of accent pieces like small furniture, or paintings. Yet “textile art” is…

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Why Choose French Tapestries For Your Walls?

French Tapestries are a unique addition to any home. They offer class, conversation starters, and look terrific. No matter what…

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How Do I Hang A Wall Tapestry?

It seems everyone today is interested in wall tapestries. These beautiful works of art can raise the bar in terms…

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Video: Interior Design Basics : How to Rearrange Furniture to Make a Living Room Look Bigger

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Rooms That Look Great

Interior Appeal Rooms that look great are the rooms that have the best planned interior design. There is little doubt…

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Tapestries are for small spaces too!

Decorating Budget When I got my first teensy apartment years ago in the “artsy” neighborhood of Silverlake Los Angeles, I…

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Antiquing: The quest for the perfect tapestry

Know Your Fabrics Antique shops offer all kinds of treasures from accent pieces to “big” furniture items. Tapestries are also…

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Interior Design Tapestries | Video