Why Choose French Tapestries For Your Walls?

french wall tapestry

French Tapestries are a unique addition to any home. They offer class, conversation starters, and look terrific. No matter what type of space you have, a French tapestry is only going to make your space more appealing, interesting and individualized for your unique personality. Here are some reasons a French tapestry or European tapestry is probably just what you have been looking for:
• Versatility:
Authentic antique French tapestries are usually depictions of landscapes or battle scenes (or a bit of both). Landscapes can be intermingled with any décor style from traditional, to modern, to Avant-garde. And while you may not think that a battle scene will be something you would want as a main decorative work-horse in your home, such scenes are so stylized, most people will have to look twice to notice what is really going on! Another feature of European tapestries is that they can remain the focal point of your design scheme even when you change your entire decorative emphasis. If you decide to suddenly go Danish Modern no problem. Your tapestry will be more than gracious and look stunning with your new look.
• Function:
Tapestries fill a large space without looking like you are trying to fill a large space. They go particularly well in loft situations or places with high ceilings and a lot of natural light. If your home is full of 8-foot walls, then a tapestry can go in a stairwell. If your home has exposed brick, like many older spaces have in cities around the world, a French tapestry also functions as a sound absorber and heat retainer. Don’t like the echoes in your new space? Place a European tapestry in the largest space you have and your living area is instantly transformed into a peaceful repose. This is after all, one of the main reasons French tapestries were made originally and their usefulness in this regard has not changed.
• Decorative Tofu:
European tapestries are so filled with colors that they can accompany any color scheme you have in your place. They are like tofu, absorbing whatever colors are around it. With rare exception, a tapestry represents every color on the color wheel, even if it is very subtle. You can accentuate the colors in the tapestry you wish by adding throw pillows, or rugs. If you like, you can have such accessories change for each season and the colors in your tapestry will be just fine with your style. You can also accentuate the subject of the tapestry by adding related pictures around the room.
• Solid Investment: Investing in a tapestry may seem extravagant, but remember that this is a piece you will be able to use always and forever. Consider a European tapestry like wardrobe essentials that never go out of style. Even if you invest thousands of dollars, this is a piece you will have for decades and can give to your kids if you wish. Of course, nothing starts a conversation or makes an impression better than an authentic antique. Who does not enjoy something in their home that makes others make a double-take?
French or other European tapestries are the equivalent to a decorative “no-brainer”. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain from displaying one in your home. Since a tapestry is always just a little bit different every time you look at it, it will always be interesting. Consider placing a French tapestry in your home as adding a new family member. It will be with you a long time and always be a part of you.

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