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You’ve got your mind made up, and you know that a wall tapestry will be just the thing for that wall in your home or office. With an avalanche of wall hanging tapestries from which to choose, how will you know if one or the other will look the best? Here are some tips on selecting wall tapestries that are best suited for different types of rooms.

You might have a tiny room that feels cramped, or perhaps a gigantic room that has no bounds. Is this room narrow, does it have a low ceiling, or does it have fewer windows than you would like? There are decorator solutions for all these situations, and here are some ideas you may find helpful.

Thankfully, wall tapestries come in a vast variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and themes. Selecting the right tapestry for your room is simply a matter of knowing which type of wall tapestry can resolve your particular decoration dilemma.

A large room can be diminished with a series of small wall tapestries on the same wall, and the effect will break up the room’s length. A small room can be made bigger by employing a large landscape tapestry that has a distant horizon; the viewer’s eye will be drawn into the distance and the room will seem bigger than it is.

Do you have a narrow room? Look for wall tapestries with scenes of the coast or colorful landscapes that seem to bring in fresh air and enliven the space with bright color. If your room has too few windows, select wall tapestries with well-lit garden scenes, or big skies with white clouds, as these will give the illusion of being outdoors.

For rooms with a low ceiling, consider using a combination of paint and wall art to overcome the diminished height. Paint the floor a dark color and the ceiling a light color; look for fabric tapestries that are more vertical than horizontal because the vertical lines will help the room seem taller.

Wall tapestries are always an elegant solution to the challenges of decorating a room!

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