How to Correctly Hang a Tapestry

Flat to the Wall Tapestry Rod

How to Hang Your Tapestry with Rods and Finials

How wonderful! You’ve bought a beautiful tapestry for your wall. It’s going to look lovely in your living room or bedroom, and you can’t wait to hang it. So…exactly how do you mount it on the wall? While there are a variety of different ways, one method may be best for you.


One of the more common methods for hanging a tapestry is using a rod with finials. Because most tapestries have either a rod pocket sewn onto the back of the tapestry or rod loops extending from the top, a rod might be the easiest and most practical way for hanging your lovely new tapestry.

When selecting a tapestry rod, you’ll find they come in many sizes, colors, and materials. Choose a rod that is strong enough to hold your tapestry and also fits its style. You don’t want to use a rod that detracts from the appearance of your tapestry by being either too big, too dark, or too long. A rod with a half-inch to three-quarter inch diameter will hold the weight of a tapestry weighing 10 pounds or less.


The rod’s decorative end pieces are called finials, and they also come in a variety of designs and materials. They could be made of metal, plastic, glass, or wood, and might be shaped like spear tips, balls, acorns, and fleur-de-lis. Here, too, select the finials that create rapport with your tapestry.

Hanging Your Tapestry

Decide on the best location for attaching the rod brackets to the wall. Remember that the finials will add inches to the length of your rod. Measure once, and measure twice. Make sure your selected location is aesthetically positioned for the wall, and for any nearby furniture. Part of the fun of hanging a tapestry is the enjoyment of solving a puzzle that benefits the entire room.

When ready, measure from the ceiling down to install the brackets evenly. The brackets should meet the edges of the tapestry.

That’s it! Slide the rod through the pocket or loops, attach the finials, and enjoy your new, beautiful artwork.

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