Unicorn Tapestry – A Brief History

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unicorn tapestriesTell Significantly Important Stories

Most evidence points to the Unicorn Tapestries having their beginnings in or around the 15th century. Perhaps two of the most well known works related to unicorn textile art are The Lady And The Unicorn and the Hunt for The Unicorn. Both of these masterfully crafted art pieces provide detailed imagery that is symbolic of high quality textile art that was used to make historical records of the middle ages. In many instances, tapestries were used in ancient times to cover the walls of manors and castles in order to maintain warmth throughout the structure. In addition to keeping the nobility warm and comfortable, tapestries were also used to tell significantly important stories to the masses. Because most people of the time were largely illiterate, tapestries served an important story telling purpose.

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From family crests to important history markers, tapestries have been used throughout the ages for a variety of important purposes. Even churches of days gone by used textile art to convey biblical events and stories of significant value. In other instances, tapestry art has been used to highlight national allegiance. Many scholars trace a variety of early tapestries back to ancient Greece. However, in more recent history it was Belgium and France that had manufactured some of the highest quality textile products in the world. Many tapestry aficionados are dismayed by the fact that a large number of historical significant tapestries were destroyed over the course of the French Revolution. Much of this destruction was motivated by the desire to extract interwoven gold threading within the tapestry fabric.

The Unicorn Is Ultimately Resurrected

With regard to the historical significance of the unicorn tapestries such as “The Hunt For The Unicorn,” there are many interpretations assigned to these quality pieces. The first piece in the unicorn series simply displays in vibrant color the hunters with no sign of a unicorn. In the second piece the unicorn can be seen in the same scene with the hunters. Ultimately the unicorn is portrayed defending itself from the aggressive hunters. In one of the final tapestry pieces the unicorn ultimately meets its demise. However, in the final tapestry the unicorn is ultimately resurrected. This series of events has caused many to interpret the unicorn tapestries as representing the history of Christ. Many theories go on to suggest that “The Lady And The Unicorn” is representative of the Virgin Mary. In many respects, this final unicorn tapestry symbolizes purity and innocence. The unicorn tapestries are a testament to the historical significance of textile art.

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Tapestries Showcased At National Art Center In Tokyo

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The Cluny Museum In ParisNotable Event

Considered by many to be one of the most impressive works of art produced during the Middle Ages, the tapestry series “The Lady and the Unicorn” was recently on display and showcased in Japan for a period of six months. This notable event was originally reported by the Cluny Museum in Paris. The event is considered notable because of the rarity of showings that are foreign with regard to these pieces. Earlier this year from April through July these six beautiful tapestries that were all produced around the year 1500 were on display at Tokyo’s notable National Art Centre.

Displayed Outside Of France

After completing a tour at Tokyo’s National Art Centre, they were then moved to the Osaka National Museum Of Art to be on display from July through mid October. This event was considered groundbreaking because it was only the second time that these famous and rare tapestries were displayed outside of France. The only other time the tapestries were on foreign display was during the mid-1970s when the Cluny Museum lent the works to the New York Metropolitan Museum Of Art.

The Cluny Museum In Paris

Other than these two rare events, “The Lady And The Unicorn Tapestries” series has always resided within the Cluny Museum in Paris dating as far back as 1882. These unique textile works of art depict in vibrant color a woman with a unicorn as well as other animals on a striking red background. The unicorn being a mythical creature similar to a horse with a long horn protruding from its forehead has long been the subject of various types of artistic inspiration.

Portray The Five Senses

The original interpretation of the pieces is that they are meant to portray the five senses while the meaning of the last piece remains left to open interpretation. The lending out of these rare pieces served two purposes in that the Cluny Muesum was scheduled for major renovation during that time. Several other items from the collection were also sent temporarily to these museums in Japan. Learn more by reading the following Huff Post article.

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A Classic Look And Feel With Table Runners

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Citrons_French_Tapestry_Table_Runner-5596-sot 2Change The Entire Dynamics

An elegant dining room is well served when a tapestry table runner is added to the mix. These unique, hand woven and attractive pieces can add a touch of royalty to virtually any type of dining room furniture or dining room space. With rich and elegant charm these tapestries produced in Belgium, France and other areas of Europe that are known for quality textile art creation are the perfect complement to any well-planned dining room or dining area. Adding the ultimate and classic look and feel, a European tapestry table runner can change the entire dynamics of what would otherwise be an ordinary dining room. From medieval table runner tapestries to religious table runner tapestries and even nature scenes, runners for table that are handcrafted with high-quality materials create a delightful environment in your dining area for all to see and share.

Bold Styles

There are a number of ways to coordinate dining room table runners. For example, colors can be coordinated with walls, other pieces of furniture or accessories. Generally speaking, in terms of interior design techniques and strategies it is often good to choose one specific color that is inherent in a tapestry used for a dining room table that will fit perfectly with the painted walls of that room. Another approach is using a tapestry to brighten up and enhance a room with contemporary style furniture. Because contemporary furniture is typically void of patterns and bold styles, runners for dining room tables can be the perfect accessories to greatly enhance that room. One of the best ways to ensure that you are getting the right looking runner for your dining room table is to compare paint samples with various tapestries prior to making a final decision. When a dining room table is enhanced with a tapestry-style runner the possibilities are virtually endless.


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Follow Unicorn Wall Tapestry Design Ideas

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Unicorn_tapestry 2Unicorn Tapestry – Reminiscent Of A Time Long Gone

 Most interior design aficionados would agree that wall tapestries do dress up and add to the overall look and feel of virtually any type of room. One tapestry in particular that has quickly gained in popularity in terms of its interior design value is known as the unicorn wall tapestry. These custom and unique unicorn wall tapestries are special because they are reminiscent of a time long gone. With their mid-evil feel and style they can enhance and enrich a room unlike any other type of wall art. Most unicorn tapestries tell a story and were originally created to convey a narrative about an event or a period of time long past. Targeting the medieval era, this type of wall art theme can also be used in the form of unicorn table runners and even unicorn bell pulls.

Fine Art Used In A Decorative Fashion

Having a long established history in the Renaissance, this type of artwork has strong symbolism steeped in Christian history as well as pagan history. With unmatched attention to detail and unique symbolism, this type of wall art is sure to become the center of attention in any interior space. Most unicorn inspired tapestry works have been created on a highly specialized loom known as a Jacquard loom. Those that truly appreciate fine European tapestries will enjoy what a unicorn inspired tapestry has to offer. Fine art used in a decorative fashion by both interior designers and homeowners for a home for office related project is always an excellent option. While other types of wall art may be commonly used to create a custom look and feel for a room, only a unicorn themed tapestry can imbue a strong medieval influence. Only a unicorn themed tapestry can encompass the full spirit of the medieval time period.


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The Secrets Of The Hunt For The Unicorn

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Unicorn Series Of Tapestries

The Unicorn series of tapestries, in their original form, date back to the late 1400s and early 1500s. They consist of a group of seven unique tapestries now residing in New York City at the Cloisters Museum. This museum has a long and distinguished history and is part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Originally built in the 1930s the architecture is reminiscent of medieval times in Europe. This is the perfect environment for a unique type of textile art known as the original Unicorn Tapestries. These awe-inspiring and elegant tapestry works depict a grouping of hunters as well as noblemen as they seek out the ever-elusive unicorn. The medieval theme known as The Hunt For The Unicorn has flavors and hints of the Renaissance period and medieval period in both literature and art. Tapestries dating back centuries and even thousands of years have always told a unique and interesting story.

Christian Symbolism And Pagan Symbolism

These beautiful tapestry pieces have traditionally been woven by skilled craftsmen from wool and many times include unique metallic threading throughout its base textile material. Using unique combinations of dye derived from plants, the Unicorn series of tapestries makes use of vibrant and stunningly bright colors. This grouping of tapestries has been analyzed and commented on throughout the centuries. With Christian symbolism and pagan symbolism, these beautiful works of art celebrate history in perfect fashion. One suggestion is that the original Unicorn series of tapestries were intended to mark the marriage of the King of France, Louis XII to another well-known character in history known as Anne of Brittany. Other famous works in the Unicorn Tapestry series include the following:

1.     The Unicorn Defends Itself

2.     The Unicorn Is In Captivity

3.     The Hunters Enter The Woods

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