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Unicorn Tapestry – Reminiscent Of A Time Long Gone


Most interior design aficionados would agree that wall tapestries do dress up and add to the overall look and feel of virtually any type of room. One tapestry in particular that has quickly gained in popularity in terms of its interior design value is known as the unicorn wall tapestry. These custom and unique unicorn wall tapestries are special because they are reminiscent of a time long gone. With their mid-evil feel and style they can enhance and enrich a room unlike any other type of wall art. Most unicorn tapestries tell a story and were originally created to convey a narrative about an event or a period of time long past. Targeting the medieval era, this type of wall art theme can also be used in the form of unicorn table runners and even unicorn bell pulls.

Fine Art Used In A Decorative Fashion

Having a long established history in the Renaissance, this type of artwork has strong symbolism steeped in Christian history as well as pagan history. With unmatched attention to detail and unique symbolism, this type of wall art is sure to become the center of attention in any interior space. Most unicorn inspired tapestry works have been created on a highly specialized loom known as a Jacquard loom. Those that truly appreciate fine European tapestries will enjoy what a unicorn inspired tapestry has to offer. Fine art used in a decorative fashion by both interior designers and homeowners for a home for office related project is always an excellent option. While other types of wall art may be commonly used to create a custom look and feel for a room, only a unicorn themed tapestry can imbue a strong medieval influence. Only a unicorn themed tapestry can encompass the full spirit of the medieval time period.


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