Interior Decorating Tips Using Color, Texture & Style

Author: Charlotte

Hi There! My name is Charlotte Noro and I am the marketing manager at, a wall decor store based in Northwest Washington. Ill be updating the blog with tidbits, how-to's, and art related news. Subscribe to our blog and stay up to date on the latest in wall art and home decor news.

1 thought on “Interior Decorating Tips Using Color, Texture & Style

  1. These are great tips. Thank you. I like your tip about bringing something portable from home (like a cushion cover) when choosing a paint color.

    My husband and I recently did something like that. We have textured wallpaper (that looks like bricks) up on our hallway. And, we recently took a piece of (leftover) wallpaper to Home Depot, to choose wainscoting.

    I thought of painting the wainscoting a cherry red because the brick colors on the wallpaper fall mostly into a red tone. But, there are some bricks in the pattern that are a lighter, golden brown color.

    Interestingly, we ended up with a product that is a “Honey Pine” color (and ties into the golden brown bricks). It’s not traditional wainscoting. But we’re creative and think outside the box and like what we found. Our choice was finalized though, simply because we had a piece of wallpaper with us and that really helped us decide.

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