The Secrets Of The Hunt For The Unicorn

Unicorn Series Of Tapestries

The Unicorn series of tapestries, in their original form, date back to the late 1400s and early 1500s. They consist of a group of seven unique tapestries now residing in New York City at the Cloisters Museum. This museum has a long and distinguished history and is part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Originally built in the 1930s the architecture is reminiscent of medieval times in Europe. This is the perfect environment for a unique type of textile art known as the original Unicorn Tapestries. These awe-inspiring and elegant tapestry works depict a grouping of hunters as well as noblemen as they seek out the ever-elusive unicorn. The medieval theme known as The Hunt For The Unicorn has flavors and hints of the Renaissance period and medieval period in both literature and art. Tapestries dating back centuries and even thousands of years have always told a unique and interesting story.

Christian Symbolism And Pagan Symbolism

These beautiful tapestry pieces have traditionally been woven by skilled craftsmen from wool and many times include unique metallic threading throughout its base textile material. Using unique combinations of dye derived from plants, the Unicorn series of tapestries makes use of vibrant and stunningly bright colors. This grouping of tapestries has been analyzed and commented on throughout the centuries. With Christian symbolism and pagan symbolism, these beautiful works of art celebrate history in perfect fashion. One suggestion is that the original Unicorn series of tapestries were intended to mark the marriage of the King of France, Louis XII to another well-known character in history known as Anne of Brittany. Other famous works in the Unicorn Tapestry series include the following:

1.     The Unicorn Defends Itself

2.     The Unicorn Is In Captivity

3.     The Hunters Enter The Woods

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