The Inspiration Of Flanders Tapestries


Belgian Weavers

Flanders is a northern portion of Belgium were Dutch is commonly spoken. In addition to being a beautiful part of the world and having some of the friendliest people found anywhere, this area is credited with producing many of the finest tapestries in the world. The Belgian weavers that produce Flanders Tapestries are considered world-renowned expert craftsmen that create stunningly attractive textile art revered throughout the world. From the reproduction of ancient hanging tapestries to tapestries with Egyptian, Oriental, medieval and French origin, a Flanders Tapestry creates a level of inspiration and artistic awe that is not soon forgotten. One of the first noticed key attributes of these finally woven art pieces is the incredible attention to detail. A tapestry with the Flanders name will almost certainly enhance any room or elegant space. With vibrant colors that include unique hues and shades they are works of art that are sure to be pleasing to the eye.

Ancient Tapestry Weaving Techniques And Designs

A Flanders Tapestry can be seen gracing castles, estates, museums and manors. Investing in one of these extremely high quality pieces of art ensures that you will likely have a family heirloom that will last for generations. As with other European tapestries and elegant artwork intended to display upon a wall, the Flanders name reflects quality, craftsmanship and immense value. Ancient tapestry weaving techniques and designs can be traced back to Flanders Belgium for many centuries. Adorning the walls of your home or office with one of these exquisite and remarkable works of art will create a conversational piece that is exceptional and beyond compare. From old world related scenery to unique European styled scenes, a Flanders piece has a look and appeal all its own. Perhaps no other wall hanging in the world provides vibrant floral designs and memorable scenic designs that draw the attention of art aficionados more than a Flanders.


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