How to Decorate Your Home with Tapestries?

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Wish to transform the look of the indoor spaces but bored of playing with the decor setup and interiors? Well, some other great ideas can be used for breaking the monotony of the interiors. You can add a stylish piece of art like a wall hanging or painting. Even, a beautiful flower vase or floor lamp can be added in the corner of the room.

But have you ever thought of trying your hands with the tapestries? Generally, a lot of people tends to get confused between the painting and tapestry. First of all, know the concept of tapestry. A thick piece of fabric that is adorned with a lovely picture or design is called a tapestry. This design is embroidered or created by weaving colored weft threads.


Choose your Style of Tapestry

Tapestries are crafted in multiple designs and varied styles. Each style represents a distinctive characteristic. Outdoor-themed tapestry wall art pieces are exclusively designed for the nature enthusiast. These types of tapestries depict scenic landscapes, hunting scenes, pristine lakes and more. The nautical-inspired tapestries complement sun-rooms or beach houses. For the fine art lovers, European tapestries are the best as they showcase distinctive art representation of floral and still life. For those who love ancient charm; the Belgian, medieval and Renaissance-themed tapestries are a great choice for them. You can also decorate your kid’s room with unicorn and fairy scene tapestries. 

Change the Look of Any Living Space by Adding the Tapestry

Tapestry creates a unique focal point in the rooms.Despite any decor setting, room size and interiors, the tapestries add charm and beauty in the indoor spaces. The tapestries are both decorative and durable at the same time. Even they are great for gifting to those who love fine textiles and decor.


Modern ways to use tapestry for decoration

In your sight, tapestries can only be used as wall hangings? Well, No. Ditch the old ways and adopt new tips and tricks that professional decorators use to enhances the aesthetics of the interiors with the tapestries.

Induce an air of sophistication in the bedroom by covering the comforter with a stylish nature-inspired tapestry. Give your bedroom some new pattern treat by pinning the tapestry around the old headboard. Add tone and texture to your dull dining table by using the tapestry as a table cloth. You can also use it in the background for taking that dream selfie.

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Care Tips for your favorite Tapestry

Hanging a dirty or wrinkled tapestry is a big no. It gives the interiors a messy and filthy look. Before hanging the tapestry to the wall, ensure that it is wrinkle-free. You can remove all the wrinkles by using a steamer or iron it on a low temperature. It is easy to clean the dirty tapestry as you can gently wash it and tumble dry.

Tapestries not only add a glamorous touch to the interiors but also reveal your distinctive taste in fine arts and home decor. These are some of the things that you should keep in mind before investing in the tapestries and use them for decorating the living spaces of your home.

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