Hey, That Wall Tapestry Rocks. How Can I Make One?

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Did you know that you can learn to design and make your own hand made wall tapestries? It is absolutely possible and you may be stunned at how many people there are who know how to weave and are good at it. As we live our modern lives, detachment from these fine arts happens, but all it takes is ten minutes to get connected with a phenomenal community of people who are more than ready to help you make your wall tapestry. Here are some ways to get you going.
Weaving Schools (physical locations):
• The Loom Room: (England) Here you can find courses in weaving handmade wall tapestries from a couple of days to two weeks in length. If you are nowhere near their place in Staffordshire, then you can watch a series of very informative videos or download some of their weaving e-books.
• New York Guild of Hand Weavers: This page offers a list of the more well-known weaving schools throughout the East Coast of the United States. It also lists a few schools in “other areas” of the USA. This list is not comprehensive, but it seems to be very reputable.
• The Weavers and Spinners Society of Austin: A well organized and busy group based in Austin Texas, this website also has a listing of private weaving teachers. Wouldn’t be great to have a private teacher help you with your hand-woven wall tapestry? You can also borrow equipment and attend demonstrations. Anyone can join and weaving teachers from all over the country list their contact information.
• Weaving In Beauty: Navaho Weaving A niche website to be sure! But if you are interested in learning indigenous hand weaving techniques, you can. Classes are offered in California, New Mexico and Arizona. You can also get Navaho rugs repaired. Just upload photos for an estimate. This site appears to be moderated by just one person. So, if you do not find exactly what you are looking for, send an email.
• The Weaver School: A school located on an island off the coast of Washington State, it is popular and their website has great photos of student projects. It is staffed by people with impressive credentials in the textile arts and offers many courses. For anyone on the West Coast, this seems to be the mecca of weaving instruction.

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