Enhancing Your Interior Design With A Unique Tapestry Bell Pull


Elegance And Opulence

Considered one of the most elegant pieces of woven textile art, tapestry bell pulls was used historically to connect to a bell that would ring when the pull was drawn upon. In days past, bell pulls were used as a way to beckon servants, maids or other workers throughout a home or estate. A traditional bell pull was often seen as having a tassel attached at the bottom to add elegance and opulence to an otherwise functional piece. While bell pulls have been used throughout history and through many various time periods, one of the most common time periods where bell pulls were often seen was in the Victorian era. In larger homes, manors and estates of that time, bell pulls could often be seen in practically every room throughout the home.

Unique Tapestry Pulls

While the practical use and application of bell pulls has generally changed, these beautiful textile art pieces can still be used to enhance virtually any type of interior space. From a dining area to a bedroom or other rooms in a home, bell pulls can often provide that added touch of elegance or opulence that is so often desired. While many hotels of the 19th century often integrated bell pulls into their interiors, homeowners today can create a custom look with these great pieces of art. These unique tapestry pulls originally designed in a functional can way simply look great. From medieval tapestries to unicorn tapestries and religious tapestries, bell pulls are the perfect way to make any space special and inspiring. One of the key elements to consider when choosing pulls with this historic feel and look is to properly integrate the colors of the room with the pulls themselves. Carefully choosing coordinating colors can make a big difference in how your bell pull looks when it is added to your overall interior design.


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