Discover Floral Composition In Vase – A Black Background Italian Tapestry

italian tapestry

Add Custom Appeal To Virtually Any Space

Italy long known for beauty and genuine quality in terms of art also produces some of the most attractive tapestries found anywhere in the world. Hand woven by expert artisans, Italian wall tapestry can add custom appeal to virtually any space. Many tapestry pieces produced in Italy are crafted using high quality cotton and other fine materials. Ranging in size and style these unique works are sure to add elegance to any space they occupy. Each tapestry is typically made with lining on its back as a way to protect the piece and add reinforcement. A tunnel is usually also incorporated into the design as a way to make hanging of a custom wall tapestry easy and convenient.

Fine Detailed Edge Work Adds To The Overall Appearance

One piece that has stood the test of time with regard to attractive wall tapestries is the Floral Composition in Vase Black Italian Tapestry wall hanging. This work-of-art features rich and inviting color with detailed trim that is beyond compare. Beautiful flowers grace this piece in an elegant and opulent vase. Fine detailed edge work adds to the overall appearance of this lovely wall hanging. Floral tapestries have been used for centuries to create inspiring interior design accents. In many instances the work can become the focal point of a room, even to the point where spot lighting can be used to highlight the piece.

Textile Art That Uses A Variety Of Fabrics

Creating an impressive space in any interior is easier when you consider what is possible with wall tapestry. Rich and royal in look and feel these pieces add genuine character to the walls that they adorn. Textile art that uses a variety of fabrics can enhance a wall and bring to life other items and furniture in a room. With vibrant three-dimensional colors and excellent depth these fabric pieces are a cut above. Explore the possibilities when you choose to decorate with wall tapestries. Call or visit to learn more about Italian fabric wall hangings. Beauty and opulence are waiting when you add textile art to your walls.

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