The 3 Best Design Trends For Your Home In 2014

As a new year approaches everyone will be wondering what the newest and most trendy home interior designs will be for 2014. From choosing the right wall art to making the right selection with regard to an area rug, knowing what the forthcoming trends for a new year will be can help interior designers and homeowners make the right decisions. Here are 3 trends that are quickly unfolding as the most likely direction interior design will take as we enter 2014.

1. One of the most exciting interior design trends coming to the forefront as a new year approaches is computer inspired interior design. This simply means that prints and a variety of fabrics that are generated through the use of a computer will likely become the styles of choice in 2014. From bedrooms to living rooms and any other room in your home, computer inspired design will be leading the way.

2. As 2014 approaches the most notable interior design trend is one of relaxation and comfort. Keeping this trend in mind it is easy to see why Mediterranean-style design is quickly gaining in popularity throughout the country. A living space that is free of stress yet elegant is one of the keys to capturing all that this inspiring trend has to offer. A peaceful and calming space is a trend to watch for in 2014. This trend in design in particular has the potential to become the top design trend of the year.

3. Interior designs with increased functionality are another hot trend that will be kicking off 2014. With many people downsizing in an uncertain economy, functionality and utility are becoming the order of the day. Interiors that feature multi-functionality are a hot trend that many interior designers are taking full advantage of today. The key to this unique style of design is to integrate functionality with attractive design. Homeowners and interior designers should keep a close watch on multi-functional design trends as a new year quickly approaches.

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