Perfect Floral Tapestries to Elevate Home Interiors

Floral tapestry for wall

Floral patterns are smooth, romantic, and symbolic of nature. For their versatility, they make an amazing wall decor for both commercial and residential use. You can indeed smell these lovely flowers with these tapestries in the room. When using at home, these floral tapestries can be used to decorate any bedroom or a living room and instantly elevate the aesthetics. They also look equally good in other home corners like foyers, entrances, hallways, etc. Ranging in size and prints, these floral tapestry wall hangings and still life tapestry make unique art work that are sure to add elegance to any space they occupy. Some of these floral tapestries have been used for centuries in places worldwide, to create inspiring interior design accents. These tapestries can even become the focal point of a room, even to the point where spot lighting can be used to highlight the piece. Here are some lovely wall tapestries that are a must-have.

Bouquet Diana Belgian Tapestry Wall Hanging

floral wall tapestry

This eye-catching Belgian wall tapestry showcases beautiful flowers in vivid colors in a vase. It can be used in bright interiors e.g. kitchen, bedroom, bathroom. They are perfect to complement any color setting as well.

Caroline Gold Belgian Tapestry Wall Hanging

Floral tapestry

This piece is impressively stunning and really ties the room together. It looks rich and royal, and is sure to add some genuine character to the walls that it adorns. 

Aristoloche Belgian Tapestry Wall Hanging

Floral tapestry wall hanging

One amazing art piece that will stand the test of time with regards to attractive wall tapestries is the Aristoloche Belgian Tapestry Wall Hanging. This work-of-art features Aristoloche leaves with animals, mainly birds and deer among the foliage. The rich and inviting colors with intricate detailing make this piece beyond attractive. This floral wall tapestry can be used in the living area, kitchen, dining room, or bedroom.

Poppy Bouquet by Pejman Belgian Tapestry Wall Hanging

Poppy floral tapestry

This wall tapestry is perfect for a romantic setting. This floral wall tapestry will look amazing in bedrooms, girl’s bedrooms, or a nursery. You can even gift this bold and vibrant flower bouquet tapestry to your beloved to make them smile and feel cared for.

Conclusion :

All these tapestries are easy to care and maintain, so simply spot clean them regularly. These are sure to impress all the family and friends who visit your home for entertainment and gathering, and give you compliments for your taste and personality.

Floral patterns are universal. They are colorful, add life in any interior setting, and can easily fit any interior. These delicate tapestries are also transitional in nature and fits in a traditional as well as a contemporary setting. Don’t hesitate and check out many more floral tapestries for your home at Save on Tapestries. Visit the website today and learn more about tapestry wall hangings. Natural beauty and opulence are waiting when you add textile art to your walls.

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