Hanging Floral Tapestries – Tips And Tricks


Increasingly Popular

The popularity of wall art has grown exponentially in recent years. Modern homes in America and around the world are taking advantage of this type of decorative art to improve virtually any space. Hanging floral tapestries can add striking contrast and color to a space as well as alter the room’s dimensions. These art works can even be used to mask character flaws found in some rooms. From adding a unique touch of elegance to a room to changing the very dynamics of a room, wall tapestries are becoming increasingly popular. With that said it is important to know that there are a few great ways of hanging wall art in an attempt to gain the most from these beautiful art pieces. While the classically held belief of hanging wall art that eye level still holds true, there are additional ways of hanging this type of art in a room.

Place These Items Higher On A Wall

One example of this is hanging wall art as a way to improve the image of a particular room. For example, if a room is used more in a standing fashion as opposed to a sitting fashion, wall art should generally be at a higher level. Conversely, in a room where occupants will be generally in a sitting position where there are many couches and chairs, art can be hung at lower levels. When hanging decorative art in a room directly over furniture most experts agree that these pieces should be positioned about 12 inches above the top of a typical piece of furniture. The exception to this rule is when multiple smaller pieces are being employed. When grouping wall art with other objects such as plates or shelves it is often better to place these items higher on a wall. In addition, smaller pieces may often look better when positioned on narrower walls such as between doors or windows. Being creative with wall art means thinking outside the box and trying new ideas. Explore your options with hanging floral tapestry art and employ these tips and tricks whenever possible.


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