How To Use Wall Tapestries In A Room That Is Too Large

A Unique Interior Design Look And Feel

An over-sized room can present a special challenge to those wishing to create a unique interior design look and feel. While there are many options available to anyone looking to change the dynamics of a large room that include the use of paint, lighting and furniture, one useful and effective alternative is to use wall tapestries. For example, to effectively diminish the overall perceived dimensions and perceived size of a particular room try using this wall tapestry strategy. By simply adding a grouping of small sized tapestries either vertically or horizontally or in a group, you can easily scale down an over-sized room with very little effort.

Inspired Design

Tapestries can also be used to create the opposite effect in a room that is too small. In this scenario, a landscape tapestry can create the almost instantly perceived expansion of a room. In addition, bright colored custom tapestries that include botanical themes or similar designs can create the same effect but in a different way. Whatever method you choose as a way of dealing with room size, one thing is certain and that is that wall tapestry inspired design will allow you to leverage art to alter how a room is viewed. A tapestry is an excellent decorative solution that gives interior designers more latitude when designing a space or changing how that space is perceived. When choosing tapestries for your home or office keep these simple yet effective ideas in mind and you to can create the next amazing interior space. Visit to learn more.

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