Signs of Spring Canvas Art

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Item : SOT-4804-6719
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Woven In: Wall Art finished in USA
History: The symbolic nature of this painting derived from the cherry blossom against a mass of clouds speaks of the Japanese association between the two subjects. In Japan, cherry blossoms symbolize clouds due to their nature of blooming en masse. The glowing reds and oranges in the skies and massive wall of clouds that rises from a dark and foreboding landscape reminds of turbulence, and eludes to a dangerous and foreboding land. The branch laden with cherry blossoms alludes to a reminder of the fleeting and delicate nature of life, but is also a sign that no matter how long, dark, and cold the winter, there is a springtime ahead to look forward to.
Composition: Canvas Oil Painting
Finish: Gallery wrapped Canvas Art arrives ready to hang.
Primary Color: Red
Secondary Color: Black,Orange,White