Fractal Horizon Canvas Art

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Item : SOT-4743-6657
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Woven In: Wall Art finished in USA
History: This abstract canvas art trilogy demonstrates an abstract that hints at something real without giving any real indication. Here we see three horizontal striations that appear broken up with geometric line and shape. Angles meet and create shapes in each band that stretches across three canvas panels. At a glance it appears that this is an abstract horizon over a seascape. The lighter bluish green looks a lot like sky, the dark band in the center appears to be the sea, and the bright and cheery orange-yellows of the lower band appears to be sand on the shore. However, this fractal horizon (or what seems to be a horizon) could be nothing but color and value mixing together, creating an illusion of something real. This is the beauty of abstract art, it can look like something different to each set of eyes that gazes upon it.
Composition: Canvas Oil Painting
Finish: Canvas oil painting with metal hanger
Primary Color: Green
Secondary Color: Blue,Yellow