African Elephant Canvas Art

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Item : SOT-4687-6601
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Woven In: Wall Art finished in USA
History: Painted with accuracy and amazing detail, this canvas wall art depicts a frontal view of an African Elephant in his natural environment. In some cultures, elephants are a symbol of wisdom, and are widely known for their memory and intelligence. The elephant is now the largest land animal now living, and according to observations, healthy adults have no natural predators, except for man. Their ivory tusks are prized commodities, and unfortunately poaching is one of the major reasons why these animals are threatened. This handsome oil painting allows you to enjoy this magnificent creature from the safest, most intimate place in the world, your home.
Composition: Canvas Oil Painting
Finish: Gallery wrapped Canvas Art arrives ready to hang.
Primary Color: Blue
Secondary Color: Beige,Green,Gold,White