William Morris Tapestries: Quaint Wall Hangings for Your Home

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Since early times, tapestries have been renowned for their quality and aesthetic appeal. Each tapestry is a meticulously woven piece of artwork that is a result of a delicate blend of ancient and modern weaving techniques. Their beauty and splendor is without rival.


William Morris and His Unique Art

William Morris, one of the most reputable visionaries in the domain of tapestry works and soft furnishing, is known for his quaint style when creating tapestries. His company Morris & Co, soon after its inception in 1861, rose to the level of a trusted provider of premier quality decorative artwork. The range of products offered by the company included textiles, tapestries and stained glasswork, etc. – most of which are still in demand today.


The works of William Morris were notably different from other artists of the time. It was his distinct portrayal of aesthetic beauty that makes his art unique and that allows it to stand out from crowd. His method of creating a tapestry by putting an artistic soul or sorts ahead of the process is what makes the pieces so popular and so highly sought after, even today. Some of his works such as ‘The Holy Grail’ and ‘Tree of Life’ among others are still counted among the finest of all times.


Regardless of the pattern or design, you can easily identify William Morris’ work if you have experienced his magic once before. Intricately detailed and perfectly blended colors and aesthetic designs are the cornerstone of William Morris Tapestries. Although many artists attempted copying these tapestries, none of them were able to come anywhere close to actually replicating the originals. Thus, it is no surprise that even today, contemporary artists are carrying forward his legacy.

Maintenance William Morris paintings are rich in texture, color and details, and are sure to become the center of attraction in any home, wherever they are displayed. Such sophisticated artwork often requires proper care and maintenance, in order to retain a genuine charm for years to come.  Make certain that the wall or room where a tapestry is displayed is not exposed to direct sunlight, as UV rays can fade the colors of a tapestry. In addition, cleaning them periodically and if required, having them dry-cleaned is recommended. William Morris tapestries have continued to impress admirers with unique designs and rich looks for decades. Considering their aesthetic appeal, these tapestries have become one the most sought-after wall hangings among art lovers and homemakers alike. Adding William Morris tapestries to a property’s décor will convey one’s aesthetic sense to guests and is sure to enhance the charisma of any living space.

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