What Can Tapestries Do for You? 5 Ever Giving Elements

Tapestries Tapestry

TapestriesTapestries are an Old World creation whose attributes are still apropos today. From traditional tapestry styles in landscapes and florals, to modern abstract designs and reproductions of current images, these are versatile dynamic additions to any home. The robust ability of tapestries to conform to new and innovative design schemas is one of the greatest aspects of using them in home décor.

 - Mitigate Unsightly Eyesores: No living space is perfect; this is partly what gives each its charm. From radiators to vents to electric circuit boxes, there are many things decorators wish were not there.  In some cases, a tapestry can be used to cover these unfortunate practicalities. In others, they can be used to draw attention away from them. In the case of a circuit box, there is no reason why it cannot be covered over with a tapestry. Even if it is located in an “awkward” space on the wall, you can adjust the décor accordingly. Having things off-center and asymmetrical can work very well.

   In the case of things like radiators and vents which cannot be covered, you can place a tapestry above, under, or to the side so that attention is drawn away from these things. It is amazing what such tricks and sleight of hand-type moves can do to ameliorate the effects of these quotidian necessities!

 - Soften Noise Levels: For those people living in large spaces that echo or in crammed spaces with paper-thin walls, tapestries still are the workhorse in noise reduction. If you can, you may need to experiment a bit about which wall or location is the best one to mute sound. Sound waves can act oddly at times and proper placement of sound reduction tapestries can be counterintuitive. Even a small tapestry can reduce noise substantially.

 - Reduce Heating Bills: Originally, tapestries were made to reduce the feel of dank and damp spaces and to retain heat. This has not changed. If you find yourself unable to afford carpeting, or do not want to cover that hardwood floor you love, hanging a tapestry or two around will help keep your space warm and snuggly. It may take time to see a difference in heating costs, but there will definitely be a reduction.

 - Allow you to “Change Your Life”:  There are days when you wake up and simply decide that you need a “change”. This can mean running out and buying a new shower curtain or new bedding. But tapestries are great in this regard because you can have two or three on hand and change them out when you feel the need. They are simple to swap out or take down; whichever fulfills your need to “change”.

 - Let You Be You: While tapestries tend to have an authoritative feel, they are misleading in this regard because you can use them however you like. Your entire décor can be traditional, Danish Modern, Techno European or an eclectic mix and a tapestry will fit in just fine. You can think of tapestries as being like tofu; they absorb whatever is around them. This is what makes them failsafe, really.

There is virtually no way a tapestry can be a “mistake”. No matter what you want it to provide for you, it can and will. Relatively inexpensive, tapestries provide more “bang for your buck” than any other decorative trick in the book. Take your time and think about 2 or 3 styles of tapestry you like. Once you have them, they will continue to provide whatever practical and ethereal element you want. Indeed, tapestries keep on giving.

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