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Tapestries have been around for eons, but for many of us, it is still a fairly new phenomenon. Even for some who believe that they know a lot about tapestries, it is surprising to discover that some of the information is actually quite misguided. It is only through learning more about tapestries that they can then be used more efficiently as a decor element.

What are Tapestries?

In tapestry weaving, the weaver creates a design using horizontal threads (weft) that cover the vertical threads (warp) through tight packing. This is much opposed to canvas and needle work, in that tapestries can be woven on looms or by hand, as opposed to being stitched or embroidered. The weft threads rarely pass entirely from one end of the work to the other as each color is wound on its own bobbin and is meant to work only across its own section of the tapestry. medieval tapestries

What Influences the Cost of a Tapestry?

There are several factors that influence the value of a tapestry, including, but not limited to:
  • Design complexity
  • Color palette intricacies
  • The size of the tapestry
  • The quality of the weaving
  • Whether it’s a replica or original
  • The school to which the tapestry belongs

Where are Tapestries made?

Tapestries are woven in various countries including France, Belgium and Italy. Most of the weavers who do the work have extensive experience in this unique art form. Chinese and Peruvian weavers do their work by hand. Most of the tapestries on the market are reproductions of works by famous weavers with some commemorating very important events in history such as a war. The original works are located in museums, art galleries and private collections of the wealthy and powerful.

How Representations depict the Real Thing

The images created are true representations of the real thing. The quality is however subject to variation from piece to piece for obvious reasons.

What Goes Into A Buying Decision?

  • The size of the wall that will be covered
  • The shape of the tapestry that is required
  • The theme of the tapestry. This can be influenced by the location and positioning of the tapestry
  • The color of the tapestry is also a big consideration
  • The style of the tapestry is another key consideration

How Safe Is Online Shopping?

Online payment processing has come a long way and now enjoys the latest (military grade encryption!). With that said, you can buy tapestries online, without having to worry about the integrity of your personal or financial information. Buy a beautiful piece of historical art today!

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