Tapestries Are For Small Spaces Too!

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When I got my first teensy apartment years ago in the “artsy” neighborhood of Silverlake Los Angeles, I had next to nothing in terms of a decorating budget. During my time here, I learned about tapestries, and how even a small inexpensive wall tapestry can pull together a unique look practically by itself. What is great about a tapestry is that it is filled with many colors, and depending on the designs and subject, it may also have interesting shapes as well.

I ended up getting a tapestry at a swap meet; not an antique, and nothing special, but it was something that interested me and fit in the small wall space I had. I am not sure where this tapestry came from, but it was definitely unique and not mass produced. Better than just a painted wall, when I hung this wall art, my small apartment became a livable space.

What I wanted to create was an environment that would bolster my own creativity as a young writer, but also feel warm and speak to anyone I had as company. A tapestry has so many stories to tell depending on who is looking at it. I hung it on the main wall (well, the only wall really) in my living area. My furniture was all real wood which naturally goes with anything; not that I had a lot of furniture, but enough to have someone over for coffee. As time passed, I added some accent pillows and used scarves tied around object here and there to accentuate the tapestry’s colors. For a teeny space, my small wall hanging did wonders. It added interest, a color scheme and unlimited conversation starters; perfect anyone’s home. Today, thirty years later, I still have that tapestry. It hangs in my office where I draw inspiration every day.


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