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Regardless of the type of interior, a beautiful tapestry on any wall is sure to add extra “zing” to a variety of home décors. Tapestries are hand woven wall hangings that depict a scene, story or famous painting. Historically, tapestries have been used to decorate the walls of castles and large churches, but over time they have taken the form of a contemporary decorative piece of art that is ideal for almost any setting. At first, they depicted religious scenes but gradually started portraying historical events. Kings and nobility around the world would hire tapestry artists to make tapestries depicting historical battles or other such events they were engaged in, especially the one they won.

Historical Significance

The art of tapestries has its roots in 1500BC, with many remnants from the Egyptians still preserved in museums. This marvelous form of art made its way through various dynasties in China, Greece, and throughout the renaissance period.


France was the probably the first to have gained perfection in creating tapestries, with the art gaining great prominence between the 14th and 17th centuries. Towards the medieval and renaissance periods, tapestries began to flourish and become one of the most cherished possessions of royalty and the elite. Thereafter, people in general started relishing the art in a variety of weaved tapestries.

Tapestries Today

In the modern world, people from all corners are mesmerized with the charm of tapestries, making them one of the most sought-after pieces of art available on the market today. Tapestries are known to give a classic touch to homes as well as the workplace. Weavers from various reaches of the world are constantly creating a variety of tapestries ranging from old style to contemporary.

During the last decade or so there has been a genuine revival of tapestries in the arena of art and creativity, allowing more people to own and have access to such fine and rich works of art. Expert weavers have managed to successfully revive the splendid artworks of celebrated artists such as Michael Angelo, Renoir, Van Gogh, and Monet, among others.

Belgian Tapestries: A ‘Golden’ Drop in the Ocean

Belgian Tapestries among various other tapestries are hand-woven by expert weavers in Europe. An amalgamation of vibrant colors and astutely weaved textures allows these attractive pieces of art to take the décor of a room to an entire new level.


Today, many online providers offer a wide selection of beautiful Belgian Tapestries; hence, make sure that you buy tapestries from a credible seller that provides tapestries directly sourced from European manufacturers and suppliers. Explore Belgian tapestries here.

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