But I Do Not Have Space for a Tapestry; What Can I Do?

Tapestries Tapestry

European ThrowsTapestries are versatile, long lasting decorative solutions for large spaces. Unless you are purchasing an antique, they provide a lot of design “bang for the buck” as they say. But there are other ways to include the feel of tapestry in your home without needing such a large wall space. Here are a couple of ideas:

  • Pillows and Throws:  Most tapestry retailers offer the option to either make custom pillows and throws, or to buy ready-made ones. Toss a tapestry pillow hither and yon around your pad and voila, you have instant texture, interest and color. Drape a tapestry throw over that hideous chair your husband can’t part with and suddenly it is tolerable! Better still is the low cost. For just a few dollars you can “pimp” your place; and if you tire of them, just store them for a while. In a few months, they will feel new again.
  • Tapestry Sections: Luckily, there is no tapestry police who patrol décor. So, you can actually trim a larger tapestry to size for your custom space. You know that teeny little tailor shop down the street that you have never used; well, now you know why they are there. Not only do they make people look great for weddings and such, they can sew anything. Take your tapestry, tell them what part you want to cut out, and they will place a backing on it, secure the sides and you are good to go.Art Nouveau Cushions

If you want tapestries in your home, you can have them. It may take some creativity, but you can make it work. Look around your space and determine where you want a tapestry. Then, be different. See what you have that you can enhance with a piece of tapestry.

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