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About Flanders Tapestries - All Flanders Wall Hangings

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World-class works of art

Since the sixteenth century, the geographical region known as Flanders has remained one of the primary centers of tapestry production in Europe. Known for intricate detail, exquisite composition, and exceptional quality, the artisans of Flanders have produced some of the most significant tapestries in history.

At www.saveontapestries.com, we're pleased to offer one of the widest selections of authentic Flanders tapestries available around the world. These primarily Belgian tapestries, crafted by the highly skilled artists of Flanders, make an elegant addition to any home.

From the old masters to contemporary favorites

Our vast collection of Flanders tapestries incorporates fine works of art created by some of the most renowned artists in the world, and carefully reproduced by hand in Flanders. You'll find all the Monet and Van Gogh tapestries that Flanders is known for, as well as breathtaking representations of important works ranging from pre-Raphaelite scenes to contemporary African cultural art, and modern work by Simon Bull.

Find the Flanders tapestry that fits your style

In addition to our fine art Flanders tapestries, we also carry Flanders tapestries with Christmas themes, Asian themes, stunning still life and floral designs, portions of the famous Bayeux Tapestry, the famous Lady series, and many more. It's easy to find the precise tapestry you're looking for in our catalog—sort by artist, country, size, shape, and even color.

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