Crashing Swell Canvas Art

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Item : SOT-4755-6669
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Woven In: Wall Art finished in USA
History: Dynamic mixtures of blue and aquamarine dance together in this powerful representation of a crashing swell. The oceans currents are one of the most powerful engines known to man, and have a prevailing impact on many aspects of life on earth. Without the ocean, we wouldn't have the world as we know it, plain and simple. Yet something that has always been is never the same twice, for the ever changing waves and ripples are unique in their moment, creating infinite possibilities for the artists eye. This moment was captured beautifully. With a wave at its very peak, it is a fragment of a second away from toppling over itself and joining forces with the rest of the deep blue sea.
Composition: Canvas Oil Painting
Finish: Gallery wrapped Canvas Art arrives ready to hang.
Primary Color: Blue
Secondary Color: Black,White