Saint Rita

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Woven In: Woven in Italy
History: Saint Rita is a jacquard wall tapestry made in Italy. St. Rita was an Italian Augustinian nun, born at Spoleto, Italy in 1381. In the local dialect, her name meant pearl and she was known as Rita. One tale of her legacy, near the end of her life is when Rita was bedridden at the convent. A cousin visited her and asked if she desired anything from her old home. Rita responded by asking for a rose from her old garden. It was January and her cousin expected to find nothing due to the weather. However, when arriving at the house, a single blooming rose was in the garden and her cousin brought the rose back to Rita at the convent. St. Rita is often depicted holding roses or with roses nearby. On her feast day, churches and shrines of St. Rita provide roses to the congregation that are blessed by the priest during Mass.
Composition: Cotton, Polyester, and Viscose blend
Finish: Backed with lining and tunnel for easy hanging
Primary Color: Black
Secondary Color: Blue,Green,Red,White,Cream