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Feb 2014

The Joy of Belgian Tapestries


You saw a tapestry in a magazine, or you’ve admired the one in your friend’s home. The idea of having a tapestry displayed in your own home is very appealing, and you’d like to know which one is the most suitable. As with everything in the world of art, there is a vast amount of information to assimilate, and a variety of choices for every taste and every budget. [Keep Reading]

The Many Splendid Uses Of Bayeux Wall Tapestry

The Bayeux Wall Tapestry is a tapestry that is said to depict events that occurred during the Normandy war. The tapestry may have been displayed as early as the 13th century.

This tapestry is about 230 feet long, and is more of an embroidered cloth than an actual tapestry.

Many have marveled at the detail and mastery of the tapestry and as such it has become one of the most popular tapestries in history. [Keep Reading]

November 2013

Explore Unicorn Tapestries At The Cloisters

New York City is known for many amazing museums containing some most important collections in the world. The metropolitan museum of art in New York features a unique and inspiring grouping of tapestries known as the Unicorn Tapestries. Stories about unicorns date as far back as ancient times in areas such as China and throughout Asia. [Keep Reading]

Live Your Fantasy With Antique Tapestries

This is quite impressive and offers a glimpse into the world of rare and unique tapestries. When investors and collectors are willing to spend large amounts of money on a beautiful antique tapestry it is a clear sign that this type of art is definitely popular and in demand.  [Keep Reading]

The Top 5 Reasons To Add A Wall Tapestry To Your Home’s Décor

Unlike other kinds of wall art, a tapestry that is intended to adorn the walls of any home décor can elevate the appearance of virtually any room. Artistic tapestries are in a class all of their own simply because they are handcrafted and are made with incredible attention to detail. [Keep Reading]

The 3 Best Interior Design Tricks When Decorating With Wall Tapestries

There has been a recent movement away from other types of wall art to more traditional wall art such as beautiful wall tapestries. Because of the growth in popularity of tapestries it is worth considering 3 of the best interior design tricks when decorating with these inviting tapestries. [Keep Reading]