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Save On Tapestries offers a magnificent wall hanging tapestry, canvas art and wall art collection creating stylish home decor and a design statement. These beautiful tapestries are of unique and extraordinary quality, giving the timeless quality and fine design detail of a family heirloom.

Complete your home design and explore a consortium of tapestry wall hangings, tapestry handbags, tapestry cushion covers, wall art, canvas art and other tapestry wall hanging products. Tapestries are versatile, and will work in any home design or decor setting, including in offices, living rooms, bedrooms, hallways - virtually any room in the home. We offer the best range of tapestries, wall art, canvas art at the most affordable prices- ensuring we are wholesale tapestry source

Our tapestry line is created by a team of talented tapestry wall hanging designers and artists specializing in home design. The tapestries are made on the most up-to-date jacquard looms. The finishing touch of every tapestry is given by European craftsmen and women designers. The borders are integrated with panel to provide the tapestries a seamless design look. Three of our clients, international tapestry suppliers, have rated the tapestries to have the most excellent finish and design they have ever seen

Saveontapestries offers exciting Belgian tapestry wall hangings to accent the beauty of your home or office interiors. In ancient times, these tapestries were used to decorate affluent homes and important buildings such as churches, palaces. It is believed that similar Belgian tapestry wall hangings in our assortment covered the walls of the Parthenon. This traditional work of art on Belgian tapestry was considered as a symbol of prestige and opulence. Toady, these Belgian tapestries are highly appreciated for their aesthetic and functional value.

Discover how our stunning European tapestries can transform your home or work place into a beautiful place of visual warmth and elegance. Grace your walls with the exquisite style and design of these wall hangings. These superb quality European tapestry reproductions are woven on a Jacquard loom. Different countries such as Belgium, France, and Italy expertly carry out this task of making European tapestry wall hanging. The patterns and scenes on these wall hangings woven into the fabric are inspired from original masterpieces of famous artists. Many of the European wall hanging tapestries now adorn the walls of art museums and stately manors.

Choose tapestries from both the genres of classic or traditional European wall hanging tapestry styles. These tapestry wall hangings may include Romantic, Myths, Floral, Gothic, Renaissance, 11th century Bayeux tapestry, and medieval tapestries to be precise. Again, the renowned Lady and Unicorn series with characteristic Mille-Fleur background also marks the style range. Also, many other Bayeux and medieval tapestry approaches are used.

Visit our online catalog to view the various types and styles of wall hanging tapestry available with us. Our unique tapestry wall hangings in our online catalog combine both traditional art and modern technique. Our wall hanging tapestries lend your interiors an air of sophistication and charm.

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Save On Tapestries offers fantastic decor solutions for your interiors: wall hanging tapestries for any room in your home or office. Over 1500 tapestries and tapestry decorating accessories - the widest selection of the finest quality wall hanging tapestries at competitive prices.

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