Which is Better: Floral or Landscape Tapestries?

floral tapestries Floral Tapestry landscape tapestries landscape tapestry

Terrace and Lake Tapestry Wall HangingIn the world of tapestry, there are really two teams; floral and landscape; that is if you want to stay very traditional.  Both are great additions to any scheme but how do you know which one to choose?  There is no tapestry Big Brother, yet each has qualities you may like or want to avoid. To help you think more accurately about your situation, you can keep these tips in mind:

Big Space = Landscape: The general rule is that a landscape tapestry needs a large space not only because of the size, but for the surrounding area as well. In order for the effect to happen, there needs to be some negative space around it.

Small Space = Floral: In nature, flowers are small vessels of cheerfulness that pop out of a crowded environment. Flowers like small; in fact, they shine in small places.

Landscapes and “Masculinity”: It can be argued that landscapes are more “masculine”, (strong, bold, wild, and vast).  This is a very traditional stereotype, but you get the idea. These qualities can work for anyone at any age, depending on the impact you are looking to make in the room.

Aristolochia & Cabbage Leaf TapestriesFlorals and “Femininity”: In the same way, some may hold that the traditional female qualities of beauty, delicateness, vulnerability and complexity are evoked with floral tapestries. Stereotype or not, if these are the feelings you want to convey, florals are for you.

Detail versus Big Picture: Decide what kind of personality you have; do you like to study one thing over and over? Or do you like to see the whole forest? Likely, the tapestry you choose will be with you for some time, so it might as well align with who you are.

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