The 3 Secrets Of Good Wall Tapestry Color Selection

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Tapestry ThrowsMost interior designers and homeowners that take great pride in the beauty that comes from a wall tapestry should know a few secret tips about choosing the right colors in a tapestry. is a respected and trusted leader in the world of online tapestry products. As such, the company offers this free and informative posting that can help wall tapestry shoppers make the right decision with regard to color. Tapestries are unique and beautiful works-of-art that are intended to last a lifetime, and that is why it is so important to devote special attention to choosing your colors carefully. Here are 3 great secrets for good color selection with regard to selecting a wall tapestry that is right for you.

1. Always try to avoid matching the colors on your walls to the fabrics that will become part of the room. When fabrics and walls have the same colors the effect is simply too strong. One good strategy is to pick a color that has grayed-out shades of the color you are trying to match.

2. When choosing a tapestry consider strong, bright clear colors as opposed to soft colors that may lose their appeal with time. Interesting colors are generally easier to live with over the long term more so colors than colors that are pale in nature.

3. Incorporate the use of a color wheel into your color planning strategy for your next interior design project that includes a wall-mounted tapestry. This is an excellent tool for getting color coordination right the first time. In addition, a color wheel can give you new ideas and expand your thinking in terms of better color coordination.

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