Smaller Floral Tapestries: Not Just For Grandma Anymore!

Floral Tapestry small tapestry still life tapestry Tapestries Tapestry

childrens tapestrySmaller Floral tapestries are usually easy to find new, as well as in used furniture stores. So if you have time, and enjoy rummaging, you may be able to find a unique piece that is technically not an antique. Since so many floral tapestries abound, it should not be too difficult to find a floral tapestry with your favorite flowers and colors. So once you have a floral tapestry you like, what do you do with it? Here are some ideas you can adapt or use:

• Breakfast nooks: If you have a small wall space here, a small floral tapestry adds character and heightens the “nook” feeling of being elsewhere while you eat.

• Enclosed patios: Floral tapestries do a terrific job of “bringing the outside in”. So you can hang them in the enclosed patio on a wall space, or you can display it on a wooden rack like duvets and such are often displayed on.

• Laundry rooms: Most laundry rooms can use something to brighten them up. Even if your laundry facilities are in your garage, you can hang a floral tapestry over the machines to absorb dampness, noise and add some spice.

• Table Runner: If you have a formal dining room setting, a tapestry, especially one that is narrow, can make for great table décor along with a coordinated table setting.

Of course, a floral tapestry can be larger and serve as the centerpiece of a room, but often the difficulties are in decorating the smaller spaces in a home which are not as easy to see what to do with. Floral tapestries are accessible, traditional and yet timeless accessories for these difficult spots. Remember to change them, if you can, and take good care of them so they do not become dank. It’s good to change floral tapestries with the seasons.

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