Flanders Tapestries – A Flemish Tradition

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Attractive Wall Tapestries

Anyone visiting the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage would enjoy the variety of Flemish woven art including rugs and many other unique items that have all been carefully crafted by dedicated artisans. Aside from beautiful Flemish carpets that can be found on the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage website, there are many places online to find stunningly attractive wall tapestries with the same historical significance and genuine handcrafted quality. Save On Tapestries has been making available high-end Flemish tapestries such as the well-regarded Flanders tapestries to the public for well over a decade.

A Town In Brussels Known As Flanders

One of the largest collections of Flanders Tapestries can be found in the Spanish Royal Collection. Within this impressive collection there resides literally thousands of square feet of Flanders Tapestry Art with each one being historically significant in some way. During the 16th century, a town in Brussels known as Flanders quickly became a hub for high quality European tapestries that have been handcrafted. During the period of the 17th century tapestries that were originating from Flanders and other surrounding communities were considered to be the most significant tapestry productions made anywhere in the world.

Ancient Flemish Culture

The true quality of these robust and immensely attractive pieces is evident in the fact that many still exist today. With unique intricate details and exquisite patterns that take full advantage of strikingly vibrant color, these tapestries are reminiscent of true and genuine art. In many ways, tapestry creation is considered an integral element of the ancient Flemish culture and even today’s existing culture. With scenes of mythological significance, historical significance and religious significance as well as others, these tapestries are a powerful testament to the importance of textile art that creates beauty through quality fabric depictions.


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